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CV   [.PDF file; opens in a new tab or window, or downloads]


current, ongoing projects

the Island Soundscape Project’s bandcamp page  [opens in a new tab or window.]

the Bangor Land Trust Sounds bandcamp page, containing my work for the Bangor Land Trust.  [opens in a new tab or window.]

soundscape and installation works

Soapboxing for the middle of the foodchain (2021), sound installation

Requiem (2018), sound installation  [Requiem’s standalone website; opens in a new tab or window.]

field: alarum, implication (2019), sound installation

Two Rumfords (2020), with N.B.Aldrich, soundscape composition

field: beneath and above the surface (2020), soundscape composition

field: snowfall (aspect 1) (2019), soundscape composition

music performance and composition

field recording-based improvisation, with Michael Rosenstein (2017–2020)

Duck That, an improvising trio convened around game calls (2008–2017)

Ricochet, my improvising duo with vocalist Noell Dorsey (2010–2016)

Some days in the lives of Endguys. a composition for field recordings and improvisors (2014)

Roscoe Mitchell’s Solo, my performing transcription and performance (2011–2012)

notated compositions (1991–1994)