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CV   [.PDF file, opens in a new tab/window or downloads]


soundscape and installation works

Soapboxing for the middle of the foodchain (2021), sound installation

Requiem (2018), sound installation  [Requiem’s standalone website opens in a new tab/window.]

field: alarum, implication (2019), sound installation

Two Rumfords (2020), with N.B.Aldrich, soundscape composition

field: beneath and above the surface (2020), soundscape composition

field: snowfall (aspect 1) (2019), soundscape composition

music performance and composition

Roscoe Mitchell’s Solo, my performing transcription and performance (2011–2012)

notated compositions (1991–1994)

field recording-based improvisation, with Michael Rosenstein (2017–present)

Some days in the lives of Endguys. a composition for field recordings and improvisors (2014)

Duck That, an improvising trio convened around game calls (2008–2017)

Ricochet, my improvising duo with vocalist Noell Dorsey (2010–2016)