notated composition

The compositions on this page utilize the structural approach of jazz in their combining of notated composition and improvisation. The composed material is traditionally notated and written using Schoenberg’s 12-tone technique. The improvisation, sitting as it does within a compositional structure, generally refers to the composed material in a variety of idiolectical ways (as is the nature of improvisation).


Debris was convened as a composers’ collective in 1986, and performed around the U.S. from 1987–1998. I was the group’s managerial leader for the majority of its duration. Following are three of my compositions for the band:

Left of Never (rec. 1991)

A Hole in the Sky (rec. 1991)

No Time Like the Present (rec. 1994)

Great Circle Saxophone Quartet

I was the baritone saxophonist with the Great Circle Saxophone Quartet from 1993 through 1997. During this time, we played around the U.S. and released a CD with New York-based New World Records label. Below are my two compositions from the album. Note that the first is an arrangement for saxophone quartet of the composition for Debris, “A Hole in the Sky” (which can be heard above).

A Hole in the Sky (rec. 1994)

Thing Turning (rec. 1994)


Heard on the debris recordings:

Keith Hedger: cornet (on Left of Never)
Steve Norton: alto, baritone and soprano saxophones
Arthor Weinstein: guitars
Matt Turner: ’cello (on Left of Never and A Hole in the Sky)
Bob Ross: electric bass (on No Time Like the Present)
Curt Newton: drums

Heard on the Great Circle Saxophone Quartet recordings:

Chris Jonas: soprano saxophone
Randy McKean: alto saxophone, B-flat clarinet
Dan Plonsey: tenor saxophone, E-flat clarinet
Steve Norton: baritone saxophone, bass clarinet

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