Duck That

On October 25, 2008, at the first gig of Boston-based large improvising ensemble called Grizzler, Angela, Josh and I met and, noticing that we had each brought game calls along with our other instruments, decided that we should form a trio. Thus, Duck That was born. Within a few months, the group embarked on a busy playing schedule around town, in a wide variety of venues including—in addition to the standard improv haunts (record stores, house shows & small art galleries)—rock clubs, museums, parks and Brookline Cable Access. We have also accompanied abstract film at the Brattle Theater and performed with large kinetic sculpture in a parking garage, as part of Inter-Actions (Boston, Summer 2015).

Our mission statement: bringing funny sounds to serious improvisation.


Angela Sawyer: voice, electronics, toys, game calls

Josh Jefferson: saxophones, toys, game calls

Steve Norton: saxophones, clarinets, percussion, game calls

Recently, we have expanded the group, adding Jesse Kenas-Collins: cornet, clarinets, saxophones, objects, game calls

Following are a couple of tracks from our 2012 album, Eggs:

The Ideal Movements of the Criminal the Diseased and the Cripple

() () (() ()(( ))() ()((( ))( ))() ()(()) (

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