Some days in the lives of Endguys.

photograph: Matt Samolis

Endguys is Matt Samolis (flute) and Steve Norton (reeds, percussion, field recordings). We have been working together fairly continuously since the early 1990s. Some days in the lives of Endguys. is a composition by Steve Norton which specifies a structure built around field recordings gathered on trips taken by the duo for various reasons (performances, photography excursions, etc.). Within this structure, and guided by timed cues, Endguys weave their characteristic, tightly-unified improvisations, retracing their steps as it were along past trips.

Some days... was written for a performance as part of the Tinderbox series presented by Mobius Artist Group at their space in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the Spring of 2014. We presented it a few times after that and then made this recording in the late Winter of 2016.

The unaltered field recordings heard throughout the piece are: the Zealand River (near Bretton Woods, New Hampshire), various tall building sounds (Boston, Massachusetts) and the former Memorial Bridge at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, demolished in 2011 and replaced in 2013 with a bridge not nearly so nice sounding.

Some days in the lives of Endguys.

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