Field recording improvisation

photograph: Michael Rosenstein

In the summer of 2017, my long-time colleague, Michael Rosenstein, and I undertook a collaborative project involving sound-collecting trips, curation of our respective sound collections and then improvisational performances in which we selected and combined our sounds in real time. We have presented several such performances since, in Maine and Massachusetts.

The soundcloud link below presents our very first such performance, on August 26, 2017 at the Washington Street Art Center in Somerville, Massachusetts.

The following photograph shows a typical performance setup for this particular practice. From a performance at The Firehouse, Worcester, Massachusetts on January 1st, 2018.

photograph: steve norton

P R O J E C T   H I S T O R Y

January 4, 2020 :  at The Wire Factory, Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

January 1, 2020 :  at Noise Brunch 2020 at The Firehouse, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

February 28, 2019 :  on the Rare Frequency show on WZBC, 90.3 FM, Newton, Massachusetts, USA

January 15, 2019 :  on the Music Under the Moon show on WCUW, 91.3 FM, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

January 1, 2019 :  at Noise Brunch 2019 at The Firehouse, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

January 1, 2018 :  at Noise Brunch 2018 at The Firehouse, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

November 30, 2017 :  at the IMRC Center, Orono, Maine, USA

August 26, 2017 :  at the Washington St. Art Center, Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

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